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Mutual Fund

Fixed Deposit

Company Deposit Name Term Min Amount Interest
E-Money Marque Fixed Deposit FD-12 5 Months 140520 10.50%
E-Money Marque Fixed Deposit FD-24 10 Months 100000 11.05%
E-Money Marque Fixed Deposit FD-36 21 Months 150000 12.05%
E-Money Marque Fixed Deposit FD-13 18 Months 160000 12.5%
E-Money Marque Fixed Deposit FD-3 2 Months 222000 9.5%
E-Money Marque Fixed Deposit FD-56 18 Months 255000 20.5%
E-Money Marque Fixed Deposit FD-9 19 Months 555500 19.5%
E-Money Marque Fixed Deposit FD-23 14 Months 455200 12.1%
E-Money Marque Fixed Deposit FD-21 21 Months 523500 10.5%
E-Money Marque Fixed Deposit FD-31 15 Months 666000 15.5%

Features and Benefits

"Invest in a Fixed Deposit to grow your savings, with high stability and safety of principal amount. As one of the safest investment options, fixed deposit enables you to take control of your investments with flexibility and offers guaranteed returns. You can easily choose a tenor between 12 months and 60 months, as per your financial needs.."

How Does a Fixed Deposit Account Work?. When you put your money to work in fixed deposits, you basically lock the amount for a fixed period of time. You can earn interest on the principal sum throughout the tenure, on a cumulative basis. The interest earned gets added to the principal amount after every specific interval.Since the tenures are flexible, you have the option to manage multiple FD accounts spread across different tenures. That way, you will be able to earn more on your investments.

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